Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Anywhere But Here

Since my last post where I extolled the virtues of mini carrots over baby carrots, I haven't been able to locate a single mini carrot in any of my local grocery stores.  Lets hope I haven't contracted some weird talent of making things disappear by writing about them.  Although, under the right circumstances, that could be a nifty trick and come in quite handy. 

30 Day Drawing Challenge Day 4: Fav Place
For a few days now, I've had the drawing for Day 4 completed and ready to post.  But the words were missing and maybe still are.  Its that time of year when everyone is leaving for vacation; long cross-country drives, Disneyland (ick), grandma's house.  Any number of tourist spots across the country will be filled with laughing children and smiling parents.  And the 30 Day Drawing Challenge asked me to draw my favorite place.  Facing a long summer with a smattering of odd jobs to pay the bills, my gut response was "anywhere but here."  Yet given any number of different conditions that wouldn't exactly be true.  

In fact, there's a number of places right near here that climb to the top of my list any time I think about a quick get away or an afternoon of fun.  And so, I've sketched together a quick collage of some of my favorite places: 1. Cambria Shores Inn (Moonstone Beach).  If you are looking for a quiet get away along a perfect beach that serves up a picnic basket breakfast of fresh squeezed orange juice and warm croissants outside your door each morning, then look no further.  Free wine and cheese Happy Hour and sunset from the comfortable Adirondack chairs round out this perfect experience.  Not to mention the fresh baked cookies, soaking tubs and raindrop shower heads.  There are times (like now) when my soul aches to spend a long weekend or a few days at this perfect get away.  And lucky for me and other pet owners, they also cater to your VIP (very important pooch).  2.  San Francisco.  There is no end to wonderful tourist attractions and fun things to do here.  But some of my favorites places are those introduced to me by the locals: Carrot's Coffee & Tea, SCRAP, Green Apple Books, and Flora Grubb Gardens.  You pretty much can't go wrong with a day in "the city."  3. Santa Cruz Beach Boardwalk.  I'm not typically a fan of crowds or noisy carnivalesque places, but give me the peacefulness of a cool fall morning and just the right company and I can be happy nearly anywhere.  This one makes the list more for its memories than for its virtues.  And 4. Portland, Or.  You just can't go wrong with PTown.  Great people, great climate, great culture.  And no matter how far away you go, whenever you return it still feels like home (even if you're just visiting).  

So there you have it, my favorite place(s).  And here's to hoping that they're still around when this post is completed.  If so, I'll hope to see you there sometime.